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Hi, Eduard Tistea here. I'm really excited that you decided to check out the description on my website! I assume you're tired of working with different Agencies or freelancers before, that just took your money and didn't deliver the expected results? A lot of the people and businesses that I have helped and still help until this day, have had the exact problem as you. Now, let me tell you why I'm the best guy you will ever work with when it comes down to fixing, building or redesigning websites:

You will benefit from that personal touch that virtually all agencies and freelancers don't give you. I'm an expert in the field, I've been doing this for the past 10 years now, since I was 15, I have literally helped thousands of people and businesses who needed to create a strong identity, a brand. I have worked with multiple agencies throughout the country on a daily basis, meaning I have extensive knowledge in this line of work and nothing can surprise me anymore, I have seen it all!

How else I can help? Well, I don't just help people and businesses like yours only with their websites. I'm also extremely proficient in Logo Design, Branding, SEO, Lead Generation as well as Social Media Marketing and Advertising. I can help any business take it to the next level and bring them massive results by generating more clients starting from their logo to their website, marketing and advertising. Basically a turnkey solution for all of your business needs.

If this sounds like something you could benefit from, then yes, I'm definitely your guy. I deliver only the best results and if you give me just one shot, I PROMISE, you'll be very... very impressed. Give me a call at: (310) 402-1286

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